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Depending on the conditions of the production site and usage needs, customers can choose the different gas supply solution: loose cylinders, bundle of cylinders, small liquid gas containers (LGC) or cryogenic tanks.

INDOCHINA GAS recommends customers solutions to install centralized gas supply systems for the following reasons: fire safety during gas cylinder operation, reducing replacement labor costs, increasing labor productivity...

INDOCHINA GAS is proud to have many years of experience operating in the field of industrial gases and has consulted and installed gas supply systems and tanks for large, prestigious customers. Coming to INDOCHINA GAS you will get the most suitable solutions and equipment with the best quality within the cost.

Gaseous supply system - bundles

With the need to use sizable volume or use gases that are more econocial in gaseous form such as Hydrogen (H2) or mixed gas (MIG welding), gas supply by bundes (group of loose cylinders) is a good solution to help businesses minimize risks in using gas, reduce labor costs and increase productivity.


Liquid gas supply system - LGC

In cases where the amount of gas used is high but not enough to install a fixed tank, using LGC liquefied gas tanks is an effective solution to help businesses save costs. This solution is most suitable for Oxygen and Nitrogen gas; However the disadvantage of this solution is the loss of goods because the gas inside is liquid, the temperature is about -170 oC so the tank will automatically pressurize and discharge through the safety valve when the pressure reaches the set point. If you are using about 200 cylinders per month or more, it is suitable to convert to this supply mode.

Liquid gas supply system - fix tank

When usage reaches a certain threshold, customers should switch to options for using gas using a larger tank. This helps bring many benefits to customers such as: reducing costs, saving operating labor, minimizing risks during use...

Ammonia (NH3) supply system

Ammonia is widely used in industries for the following processes: nitrading, cracking to get Hydrogen for heat treatment furnaces...

In concentrated form, Ammonia is both dangerous and corrosive and is stored in specialized tanks.

INDOCHINA GAS has designed, consulted and constructed many projects using Ammonia (NH3). With available experience, we are confident in providing customers with solutions to ensure safety.

Amoniac tank


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