AR/CO2 mixture

INDOCHINA GASINDOCHINA GAS CO2 gas and AR/CO2 mixed gas are widely used in the product configuration welding process. They are interchangeable products, below are the comparisons between them:

1. Welding protection:

Argon/CO2 mixed gas: This mixed gas provides an extra layer of protection for the weld. Argon helps to protect metal from air and CO2 helps create an antioxidant layer.

CO2 gas: CO2 gas only creates an oxidation protection layer for the weld.

2. Performance:

Argon/CO2 mixed gas: Usually this mixed gas has better welding performance, helping to improve welding speed and save time.

CO2 gas: Welding efficiency is lower than Argon/CO2 compressed gas, so it may take more time to complete the welding job.

3. Suitable for welding materials:

Argon/CO2 mixed gas: Suitable for welding metals such as low carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and light alloys.

CO2 gas: Suitable for welding low carbon steel metals.

4. Welding conditions:

Argon/CO2 mixed gas: Often used in MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding or MAG welding, where the metal comes into contact with the mixed gas and the electrode.

CO2 gas: Often used in MAG welding.

5. Cost:

Argon/CO2 mixed gas: Usually has a higher cost due to the use of Argon.

CO2 gas: Usually has a lower cost.

6. Weld stability:

Argon/CO2 mixed gas: More stable when welding welds that require high quality.

CO2 gas: Often produces welds with more limited stability.

Thus, compared to CO2, Ar/CO2 mixed gas has the following advantages and disadvantages:

- Advantage:

+  Saves welding wire due to reduced spatter.

+  Saves electricity due to the Ar-rich environment giving higher arc heat, so when using mixed gas, the current needs to be adjusted lower than when welding with CO2 gas.

+  Better weld quality, save time cleaning welds.

+  Higher efficiency due to faster welding speed.

+  Reduce working environment pollution because welding with CO2 will create more fumes.

- Defect:

+  The cost of using mixed gas will be about 20-30% higher than CO2 if welding the same type of wire. But overall in terms of power consumption and welding wire usage efficiency, mixed gas is still more effective.

+  The penetration of Ar/CO2 mixed gas is lower than that of CO2 gas, suitable for welding steel structures with a thickness of <15 mm.

- Where to buy Ar/CO2 mixed gas?

MAG18 mixed gas is mixed by INDOCHINA GAS Joint Stock Company according to strict procedures and tested by an analyzer after mixing to ensure the correct ratio as required.

Each properly mixed product will help CUSTOMERS use gas economically and ensure the quality of the weld

In addition to guaranteed product quality, INDOCHINA GAS is a pioneer in providing safe, effective and economical gas usage solutions.

Ar/CO2 mixed gas products of INDOCHINA GAS are widely supplied throughout the Northern provinces such as: Bac Ninh, Bac Giang, Hung Yen, Hai Duong, Ha Nam, Nam Dinh, Thai Binh, Hai Phong, Hanoi, Vinh Phuc , Thai Nguyen...





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